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Using WordPress - Media Library

Media Library in WordPress is a rich resource. In this chapter you will get introduced to Media Library.

What is Media Library?

Media Library comprises various files, images, audios and videos which you can upload and use in your posts and pages according to your customized requirement. It helps you to make the contents of the posts useful and attractive. Media Library also allows you to view, add, edit or even delete anything related to media, as per your choice.

Steps to understand the function of Media Library in WordPress.

Step (1) - Click on ‘Media’ on the side bar and then click on the ‘Library’ option on your dashboard as it is shown in the snapshot below.


Step (2) – By clicking on the ‘Add New’ option you can view any media file which contains images, audios videos etc., as it is seen in the snapshot below.


Step (3) – in this stage, the Upload New Media page appears on the screen. The page looks like the displayed image below. Here you can add media which we will discuss in another chapter WordPress – Add Media.


Step (4) – in this step you can view a bar like the image below which contains the following tabs offering different functions.


These tabs are briefly described below.

List View – it presents the images and videos a form of a list. Check the following screenshot below to get an idea about ‘List View’.


Grid View – this allows you to see the images, audios and videos in a grid format just like the way it is displayed in the following snapshot.

wordpress-media-library-step4 (b)

Filter the images and videos – This allows you to filter the available images and videos to make your screening work easier while choosing a resource for a blog or a page.

Sear Box – This you can use to search an image or a video by entering the name into the field.

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