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How to get started with WordPress?

If you are opting for a self-hosted WordPress site then to start with, you must follow the below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Buy a domain name. (example: http://www.xyz.com) and register it. People can access your site from anywhere and everywhere by typing the domain name on the browser window.

Step #2: Then buy a hosting plan from a reputed hosting company. To make your website visible on the web you need to buy space on the web. Hosting companies offer various plans to buy space on their web server.

Step #3: Install WordPress on your web server. Hosting companies offer instructions and service regarding WordPress installation. You can go for the quick install service which is easy and simple to run the Software on you your server. But you can always go for manual installation of WordPress if you are particular about better security practices and higher level of customization benefits.

What are the system requirements for WordPress installation?

To install WordPress you need the following system configurations:

  • Database− MySQL 5.0 +
  • Web Server− WAMP (Windows), LAMP (Linux), XAMP (Multi-platform)MAMP (Macintosh)
  • Operating System− Cross-platform
  • Browser Support− IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera
  • PHP Compatibility− PHP 5.2+

Once you are ready with these basic requirements you need to go to the link https://wordpress.org/download/ to download the Wordpress Installation package. At the next step you need to upload your WordPress files to your server. Now you will have to create MySQL database by allotting user/password. After completing this you should go through the installation process. The steps are summarized below:

What are the step by step guide on how to install WordPress?

· First you need to extract the WordPress folder you have downloaded and upload it on your web server. The WordPress site will display a screen like this:

WordPress installation

· Then navigate to the WordPress files path. Here you will have to choose the language and proceed further by clicking on the ‘continue’ button.

Wordpress language

· At next step you will view the information you need to feed for the database which will lead you to the next level of WordPress installation. Here, you will have to click the ‘Let’s go’ tab.

WordPress installation-let's go

· Now the following page will be displayed. Here you need to fill in all the necessary information relating to MySQL like Database Name, User Name, Password, Database Host, Table Prefixetc and click the tab saying ‘submit’.

Wordpress installation-submit

· Now WordPress will check the database settings and give you the awaited approval. And you will see a page like the snapshot below; at this stage you are almost done. Just click the tab saying ‘Run the install’.

Run the install’

· Now the following page will come up; Put the administrative information for authentication now comprising site title, username, password, your email address and privacy and click the Install WordPress tab at the bottom of this page.

 Install WordPress tab

Once it is over, Wordpress will allow you to check your user name and password on the screen. You can login now and access the Wordpress Admin Panel. The page will look like this:

Wordpress Admin Panel.

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