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Using WordPress - Edit Users option

In this chapter you will learn to Edit Users in your WordPress site.

How to edit users in WordPress

Editing users in WordPress is simple. You will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step (1) – Click on ‘Users’ first then click the ‘All Users’ option as it is shown in the following screenshot.


Step (2) – By clicking the ‘All Users’ tab in step 1, you will be able to view the ‘Users’ page, which looks like the snapshot below. Here you will find a list containing the names of all users.


In this page there you will see the following two options:

  • Administrator – this option displays a list of administrators in your WordPress site.
  • Subscriber – this option on the other hand, displays the list containing all subscribers.
  • If you click on the ‘Change role to’ box, a drop down menu appears on the screen which has the following options:
  • Subscriber – a subscriber is only allowed to manage his profile in this site.
  • Contributor – a ‘contributor’ is the person who can only write and edit the posts he creates, but is not allowed to publish them.
  • Author –an author of your site is entitled to write and publish all his posts.
  • Editor – an editor is allowed to publish and manage others posts also apart from his own posts.
  • Administrator – an administrator of your site enjoys every right of handling all administrative features on your site.

To change the role of a particular user you need to click on the ‘change role to box’ of the username first. Then click the ‘change’ option. The selected user’s role will be automatically changed as per your choice.

Step (3) - If you want to edit the user you will have to click the 'edit' button as you can view it on the following image.


Step (4) – once the Edit user page appears, you can immeidately start editing the fields you need to change and finally click the ‘Update User’ tab to save the modified information about the user as it is displayed in the screenshot below.


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