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Using WordPress - Edit Links

In this chapter you will learn to edit link in your WordPress site.

You will have to follow the below mentioned steps to edit a link in WordPress.

How to edit links in WordPress

Step (1) – First click on pages option in the left navigation menu of dash board. Click on ‘All pages’ tab on top of the popup menu as it is shown in the image below.


Step (2) – Automatically a page like the screenshot below appears where you can see a list of the pages. If you bring the cursor on ‘About Us’, a few options like edit, quick edit etc comes up just below the ‘About Us’ tab. You will have to click ‘Edit’ as displayed in the following snapshot.


Step (3) – As we have have already created a link for the ‘Lorem’ in the previous chapter WordPress-Add Links, bring the curson on ‘Lorem’ and click on the ‘pencil’ option to edit the link as it is viewed in the image below.


Step (4) To modify the link you will have to select a post or page from the existing list and edit it. Here, you will have to select the ‘About Us’ page and click the ‘update’ button.


Step (5) – An edit page like the screenshot below comes up. If you hover on ‘Lorem’ the word for which we have created the link, a link tool tip appears as it is displayed in the image below.


Now click on the ‘update’ tab to save the changes in the link in the selected page or post.

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