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Using WordPress Edit Category

In this chapter you will learn the easy process of editing categories in WordPress. These are the steps you need to follow to edit categories:

How to edit category?

Step (1) – click on the ‘Posts’ option on the left. Then click on ‘Categories’ as it is shown in the image below.

edit category

Step (2) – Now you will be able to view ‘Category 1’ which was a new category created in the previous chapter ‘Add Category’ in WordPress. Once you take the cursor on the categories, some options get displayed just below the field showing the category identification name. At this stage you can choose any one way of editing the categories out of the two available options ‘Edit’ and ‘Quick Edit’.

•Edit-- To use the option ‘Edit’ click on the ‘Edit’ tab in Categories page as you can view it in the snapshot below.
By clicking on Edit you will be able to modify the field you wish to change. Click ‘update’ as soon as you complete editing the way it is displayed in the image below.
Now look at the page carefully. All the displayed fields in this screen are same as the previous screen we have seen in the chapter 'Add Category in WordPress’.
•Quick Edit – To use the ‘Quick Edit’ option, click the tab ‘Quick Edit’ in the right hand side, under the field category 1 as you view it in the screenshot below.
This option allows you to edit the name and the Slug of the category as it is displayed in the screenshot below. To complete this action you need to click the ‘update category’ tab.


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