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How to use WordPress - Delete Users option

In this chapter you will learn to delete users from your WordPress site.
Deleting Users in WordPress is easy. You only need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps to delete users oin WordPress

Step (1) – Click on ‘Users’ first and then on ‘All Users’ option as you can see it in the screenshot below.
Step (2) – in this step you can view the the list of users on your website as it is displayed in the following screenshot.
Step (3) – in this step you need to select the one which you wish to delete and click on the ‘Delete’ button as shown in the following image
Step (4) – Once you click the ‘Delete button the following page appears on your screen.
Step (5) – Now you will have to select the options as per your requirement and finally click on ‘confirm deletion tab’ to delete your user permanently.
Step (6) – you can also delete an user by following another process. Once you come to the users page, there only you can select the users you wish to delete and click ‘delete’ from the drop down menu of the check box as it is displayed in the screenshot below and then click the Apply button to implement it.
Step (7) – as soon as you click the apply option the particular user you have selected will be deleted from your site. Check the image below for your reference.

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