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Using WordPress - Delete Pages option

In this chapter you will learn to Delete Pages from your WordPress site.

How to Delete pages in WordPress.

Deleting a page in WordPress is simple. You will have to follow the following steps to delete a page from your site.

Step (1) – click on ‘Pages’ option, on you left. Then click the ‘All Pages’ option from the side bar as it is displayed in the image below.


Step (2) – you can delete Sample Page—which is automatically created by WordPress as a default option. If you hover on ‘pages’ a few options automatically appears just below the Sample Page. To delete a page you will have to click the ‘Trash’ button as you can view it in the screenshot below.


To delete a page, you can also choose another way. While editing or adding pages you can directly delete a page by clicking on the ‘Move to Trash’ option as you find it on the screenshot below.

Step (3) – View your list of pages just like the screenshot below to be assured that you have successfully deleted the page.


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