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In this chapter, you will learn a lot about background images, background colors and also about background opacity related to your WordPress site.

How to fix the background image in WordPress.

Step (1) Click on ‘Appearance’ first and then on ‘Background’ as it is shown in the following image.
Step (2) – Once you click the ‘Background’ option a page looks like the following image comes up.
Step (3) - Here, we can see no so far no image has been selected as the background image. In case you want to choose one, you need to click the Select Image option. It will immediately lead you to the following page displayed below.
In this page you can upload any image as your background image by either of the following options.
  • Upload Files
  • Media Library
Step (4) – if you want to use ‘Upload Files’ then you need to click the ‘Upload Files’ option. This will lead you to the following page displayed below. Next, you will have to select a file from your desktop and click on the ‘Choose Image’ option.
Step (5) – Media Library – If you wish to use the ‘Media Library’ option then click the media Library tab just beside the ‘Upload Files’ button in select page. Automatically a page like the below screenshot comes up. Here you need to select files from your WordPress media Library. You can directly select an image from this library if you have updated images in due course.

After selecting the image you think will be right one for your website, you will be able to view few options in the right sight as you can see it in the screenshot. There options are as follows-

Edit Image – If you click on this option it will lead you to a separate page where you are allowed to edit various features like scale image, crop image, thumbnail setttings and dimensions etc. you can edit these features as per your choice and finally need to click the ‘save’ and then the ‘update’ tab to incorporate the modifications.

  • Delete Permanently – in case you want to discard an image from the library then you need to click on this option.
  • URL – you will have to enter the image URL into this specified space.
  • Title – this option allows you to make changes in the title of your image.
  • Caption - in this section you can enter a brief explanation about the image you have selected.
  • Alt Text – This is a field where you need to enter an alternative text to the selected image which makes it easily available to your visitors while they are on search.
  • Description – this is a field which allows you to add a brief description about the selected image.
Step (6) – To change the background color of your WordPress site you need to click on ‘Colors’ first and then on ‘background Color’ option as it is displayed in the following screenshot. Here, you will have to choose the color you think is ideal for your site from the available color scheme options and change it. Background Opacity is not required for every theme. You need to choose opacity if and only if the particular theme demands it.


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