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How to Use WordPress Arrange Categories

So far you have learnt how to add, edit and delete category in WordPress. In this chapter you will learn how to Aarrange Categories in your WordPress site. WordPress does not allow you to directly arrange the categories. You will have to install a special plugin called Category Order to arrange the various categories you have created.

Steps to arrange WordPress Catagories

Step (1) - click on the ‘Posts’ option on the left navigation menu of dashboard. Then click on ‘Category Order’ option in WordPress from the side bar. Here, we need to remind you that this particular option ‘Category Order’ will be displayed on this page only after you upload the Category Order plugin in your system. Look at the following screenshot to make a clear cut idea.


Step (2)-once you click the Category Order option, the following Category Order page appears. Now look at the image below. You will easily come to understand that the create categories section is some displaying disorder. The categories are not maintained in right order.


Step (3) – To arrange these categories in the preferred order you may drag and reposition them as per your choice. There is an option saying ‘Order Categories’ at the bottom of the page as it is shown in the screenshot image below. Click this tab as you finished rearranging the catagories .


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