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How to use the WordPress - Add Users option

In this chapter you will learn to Add Users to a WordPress blog or site. As a rule whenever a user register to your blog or site you automatically get intimation from the admin through email. Therefore you always have the updates about new users joining your WordPress site. So it becomes easy to log on to your dashboard and define the users’ role immediately after his joining.

The steps to Add users in WordPress.

To add users on your WordPress site, you need to follow the few simple steps described below.

Step (1) – Click on ‘Users’ and then on ‘Add New’ option in WordPress as it is shown in the following screenshot.


Step (2) – Once you click the ‘Add New’ option an ‘Add New User’ page appears as it looks in the snapshot below. Here you will have to enter the details about the new user. Be careful that you enter every detail in all the reciprocating fields as you can view in the image below.


All the fields in this page are discussed below.

  • Username (required) - you will have to enter a specific user name which you want to use on your site for a particular user.
  • E-mail – you need to enter a valid email address of the user where the all the notifications will be sent from the site.
  • First Name – Here you need to enter the first name of the user.
  • Last Name – Similarly, the last name of the user has to be mentioned in this field
  • Website – in this field, you will have to enter the URL of the user’s website.
  • Password (required) – you need to enter the password here.
  • Repeat Password (required) – here you are supposed to repeat the password once again so that it can be doubly checked for authentication.
  • Send Password – You can send the new password to your new user through the e-mail check box which will instantly make the user aware of this password allotted for him.
  • Role – This field allow you to select the role for the new user. You can allot him the responsibility of a subscriber, contributor, Author or Editor or even an additional Administrator as per your discretion.

After filling all these fields, finally you will have to click on ‘Add New User’ option which will complete the procedure of adding a new user to the users list of your WordPress site.

Step (3)– Now you can check the users list to be confirmed that all the new users are successfully added to your site. A screen like the following snapshot will come up with a message saying 'New User Created' as it is shown below.


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