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How to Use WordPress Add Category

Categories in WordPress help you to classify your posts into various categories on the basis of different topics. By arranging the posts like this you can maintain subject wise sections on your WordPress site where the posts of same groups can be grouped together. It is a useful and convenient way of handling and arranging posts to create a well managed site.

How to add WordPress category?

To utilize the Category section in WordPress, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step (1) - Click the option saying ‘posts’ then click the ‘categories’ button from the side bar as shown in the image below.

add category

Step (2) - Automatically it will take you to the ‘Categories’ page like the screen shot below:

add category

This page will contain the following fields which you will have to fill up:

Name: here you will have to enter the specific names of the categories.

Slug: it is a URL friendly word you should choose to describe a category. Usually it will contain lower case letters, hyphens and numbers.

Parent: this allows you to allot hierarchies to the categories. You can select the ‘parent category’ from the dropped-down menu and name it as ‘fashion category’ and add children or sub categories as ‘ethnic fashion category’ and ‘western fashion category’ and so on.

Description: It allows you to add a brief description about a particular category though it is not mandatory. So you may leave it if you do not want to add the description.

Step (3) - Once you finish filling up all the required information about categories, click the ‘Add New Category’ tab.

Step (4) – As you click on ‘Add New Category’, the new category you have created will automatically get displayed on right hand side of the screen just like the same way it is shown in the image below.

add category

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