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what is WML <meta> Tag?

The <meta> element keeps an element of arbitrary meta-information in a WML deck. This item is structured as a property name and its value.

You are enabled to keep any number of <meta> elements into the <head> element. This can add keywords for indexing purposes, store hints about the content of the deck, and store any other information.


The <meta> element supports the following attributes:

Attribute Value Description
name string Gives the name of this property. Meta-information with this attribute is intended for server-side applications, so it may be removed before it gets to the browser. Could be "keywords", "author", etc.
http-equiv string An alternative for the name attribute.
  • true

  • false

If present and set to true, indicates that the property is intended for the use of the browser.
content string Should specify a description of the name attribute
scheme string Can specify a format or structure that some properties may need to interpret their values. This attribute is used by few properties.
class class data Sets a class name for the element.
id element ID A unique ID for the element.


Following is the example showing usage of this element:

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