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What is Wireless Security Layer 3 DoS?

The concept of this layer 3 DoS is to crush the host with a big quantity of traffic to process, resulting in crashing of a host. Most often, this kind of attack is originated from a fixed of hacker-owned hosts, called botnet and is focused on the victim server on the internet.

The 3 most common forms of Layer 3 DoS attacks are −

Fragile attack

Attacker sends a huge quantity of UDP echo requests to IP broadcast address. The source IP address is spoofed and is set to a victim IP address. Through doing that, all of the replies originated on by the customers on the broadcast subnet are sent back to the victim.

Ping Flood assault

Attacker sends a massive variety of ICMP packet to the target pc the usage of ping. Believe a malicious party that owns botnet of heaps of computers. If we consider a ping flood attack running on the identical time from all of this pc, then it may emerge as quite extreme.

Smurf attack

Precisely the equal step by step operation, as in case of Fraggle attack. The only distinction is that, Smurf attack makes use of ICMP echo request packets, opposite to Fraggle attack that uses UDP packets.

These kinds of Layer 3 DoS attacks are not specifically wireless technology attacks. They can be used over any Layer 2 technology, either Ethernet, frame Relay, ATM or wireless. the main requirement of this attack to be successful, is that the attacker is on top of things of a big amount of overtaken computers (botnet). Then specific packets are despatched to the goal from each and every single infected host in the Botnet - assuming that botnet has 1000+ gadgets, the cumulative site visitors may be widespread. Using a Layer 3 DoS from a single laptop isn't powerful at all.

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