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You use the Run commands to execute your tests. When a test is running, the execution arrow in the left margin of the test script marks each TSL statement as it is interpreted.

Run from Top

Choose the Run from Top command or click the corresponding From Top button to run the active test from the first line in the test script. If the test calls another test, WinRunner displays the script of the called test. Execution stops at the end of the test script.

Run from Arrow

Choose the Run from Arrow command or click the corresponding From Arrow button to run the active test from the line in the script marked by the execution arrow. In all other aspects, the Run from Arrow command is the same as the Run from Top command.

Run Minimized Commands

You run a test using a Run Minimized command to make the entire screen available to the application being tested during test execution. The Run Minimized commands shrink the WinRunner window to an icon while the test runs. The WinRunner window automatically returns to its original size at the end of the test, or when you stop or pause the test run. You can use the Run Minimized commands to run a test either from the top of the test script or from the execution arrow. The following Run Minimized commands are available:

  • Run Minimized > From Top command
  • Run Minimized > From Arrow command

Step Commands

You use a Step command or click a Step button to run a single statement in a test script.

The following Step buttons are available:

Step button

Step Into button

The following Step commands are available:

  • Step command
  • Step Into command
  • Step Out command
  • Step to Cursor command


You can stop a test run immediately by choosing the Stop command or clicking the Stop button. When you stop a test, test variables and arrays become undefined. The test options, however, retain their current values.

After stopping a test, you can access only those functions that you loaded using the load command. You cannot access functions that you compiled using the Run commands. Recompile these functions to regain access to them.


You can pause a test by choosing the Pause command or clicking the Pause button. Unlike Stop, which immediately terminates execution, a paused test continues running until all previously interpreted TSL statements are executed. When you pause a test, test variables and arrays maintain their values, as do the test options.

To resume running a paused test, choose the appropriate Run command. Test execution resumes from the point where you paused the test.

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