Virtual User (Vuser) Technology - WinRunner

LoadRunner provides a variety of Vuser technologies that enable you to generate load when using different types of system architectures. Each Vuser technology is suited to a particular architecture, and results in a specific type of Vuser. For example, you use GUI Vusers to operate graphical user interfaceapplications in environments such as Microsoft Windows; Web Vusers to emulate users operating Web browsers; RTE Vusers to operate terminal emulators; Database Vusers to emulate database clients communicating with a database application server.The various Vuser technologies can be used alone or together, to create effective load testing scenarios.

GUI Vusers

GUI Vusers operate graphical user interface applications in environments such as Microsoft Windows. Each GUI Vuser emulates a real user submitting input to and receiving output from a client application.

A GUI Vuser consists of a copy of WinRunner and a client application. The client application can be any application used to access the server, such as a database client. WinRunner replaces the human user and operates the client application. Each GUI Vuser executes a Vuser script. This is a WinRunner test that describes the actions that the Vuser will perform during the scenario. It includes statements that measure and record the performance of the server.

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