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If you used a file_compare statement in a test script to compare the contents of two files, you can view the results using the WDiff utility. This utility is accessed from the Test Results window.

To view the results of a file comparison:

  1. Open the Test Results window and display the test for which you want to view the file comparison results. For more information, see “Viewing Checkpoint Results”.
  2. Display the file comparison:
    • In the Unified report view—Click the results tree node for the file_compare event you want to analyze. Basic details about the checkpoint are displayed in the Event Summary pane. In the Event Summary pane, click the Show Event Details link.
    • In the WinRunner report view—Double-click a “file compare” event in the test log. Alternatively, highlight the event and choose Options > Display or click Display.
    • The WDiff utility window opens.

      To view the results of a file comparison

      The WDiff utility displays both files. Lines in the file that contain a mismatch are highlighted. The file defined in the first parameter of the file_compare statement is on the left side of the window.

    • To see the next mismatch in a file, choose View > Next Diff or press the Tab key. The window scrolls to the next highlighted line. To see the previous difference, choose View > Prev Diff or press the Backspace key.
    • You can choose to view only the lines in the files that contain a mismatch. To filter file comparison results, choose Options > View > Hide Matching Areas. The window shows only the highlighted parts of both files.
    • To modify the way the actual and expected results are compared, choose Options > File Comparison. The File Comparison dialog box opens.
    • File comparison options

      Note that when you modify any of the options, the two files are read and compared again.

    • Ignore spaces on comparison: Tab characters and spaces are ignored on comparison.
    • Ignore trailing blanks (default): One or more blanks at the end of a line are ignored during the comparison.
    • Expand tabs before comparison (default): Tab characters (hex 09) in the text are expanded to the number of spaces which are necessary to reach the next tab stop. The number of spaces between tab stops is specified in the Tabsize parameter. This expand tabs before comparison option will be ignored if the Ignore spaces on comparison option is selected at the same time.
    • Case insensitive compare: Uppercase and lowercase is ignored during comparison of the files.
    • Tabsize: The tabsize (number of spaces between tab stops) is selected between 1 and 19 spaces. The default size is 8 spaces. The option influences the file comparison if the expand tabs before comparison option is also set. Tabs are always expanded to the given number of spaces.
  3. Choose File > Exit to close the WDiff Utility.

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