Viewing the Call Chain - WinRunner

At each break during a test run—such as after a Step command, at a breakpoint, or at the end of a test, you can view the current chain of called tests and functions in the Call Chain pane of the Debug Viewer window.

To view the current call chain:

  1. If the Debug Viewer window is not currently displayed, or the Call Chain pane is not open in the window, choose Debug > Call Chain to display it. If the Call Chain pane is open, but a different pane is currently displayed, click the Call Chain tab to display it.
  2. Ensure that your called tests have breakpoints in places where you would like to view the call chain. Alternatively, use the Step commands to control the run of the test.
  3. When the test pauses, view the call chain in the Call Chain pane of the Debug ViewerTo view the current call chain.
  4. To view the script of a test in the call chain, double-click a test or function, or select the test or function in the list and click Display test. The selected test or function becomes the active window in WinRunner.

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