Viewing Recorded Web Object Properties - WinRunner

You can use the Recorded tab of the GUI Spy to see the properties and property values that WinRunner records for the selected object just as you do for any Windows object.

To view recorded Web object properties:

  1. Start WinRunner.
  2. Open your Web browser.
  3. Choose Tools > GUI Spy to open the GUI Spy dialog box.
  4. Select Hide WinRunner if you want to hide the WinRunner window (but not the GUI Spy) while you spy on the objects in your Web site.
  5. Click Spy and point to an object in your Web page. The object is highlighted and the Window name, object name, and the recorded properties and values are displayed.
  6. To capture an object description in the GUI Spy dialog box, point to an object and press the STOP softkey. (The default softkey combination is LEFT CTRL + F3.)

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