Viewing Batch Test Results - WinRunner

When a batch test run is completed, you can view information about the events that occurred during the run in the Test Results window. If one of the called tests fails, the batch test is marked as failed.

The Test Results window lists all the events that occurred during the batch test run. Each time a test is called, a call_test entry is listed. The details of the call_test entry indicate whether the call statement was successful. Note that even though a call statement is successful, the called test itself may fail, based on the usual criteria for a failed tests . You can set criteria for a failed test in the Run > Settings category of the General Options dialog box. For additional information, see “Setting Global Testing ptions.” To view the results of the called test, double-click the call_test entry. For more information on viewing test results in the Test Results window, see “Analyzing Test Results.”

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