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You use the ActiveX tab of the GUI Spy to see the properties, property values, and methods for an ActiveX control. You open the GUI Spy from the Tools menu. Note that in order for the GUI Spy to work on ActiveX controls, you must load the ActiveX add-in when you start WinRunner. You may also view ActiveX and Visual Basic control properties using the GUI checkpoint dialog boxes. For information on using the GUI checkpoint dialog boxes, see “Checking GUI Objects.”

To view the properties of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control:

  1. Choose Tools GUI Spy to open the GUI Spy dialog box.
  2. Click the ActiveX tab.

    To view the properties of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control

  3. Click Spy and point to an ActiveX or Visual Basic control.

    The control is highlighted and the active window name, object name, and object description (properties and their values) appear in the appropriate fields. Note that as you move the pointer over other objects, each one is highlighted in turn and its name appears in the Object Name box.

  4. To capture an object description in the GUI Spy dialog box, point to the desired object and press the STOP softkey. (The default softkey combination is CTRL LEFT + F3.)

    In the following example, pointing to the “Flights Table” in the Visual Basic sample flight application, pressing the STOP softkey, and highlighting the FixedAlignment property, displays the ActiveX tab in the GUI Spy as follows:

    To view the properties of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control

    If a help file has been installed for this ActiveX control, then clicking Item Help displays it.

    When you highlight a property, then if a description has been included for this property, it is displayed in the gray pane at the bottom.

  5. Click Close to close the GUI Spy.

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