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The User toolbar is hidden by default. You can display it by selecting it from the View menu. To execute a command on the User toolbar, click the button that corresponds to the command you want. You can also access the same TSL-based commands that appear on the User toolbar by choosing them on the Insert menu.

When the User toolbar is a “floating” toolbar, it remains open when you minimize WinRunner while recording a test.

Parameterizing a TSL Statement

When you click a button on the User toolbar that represents a TSL statement to be parameterized, the Set Function Parameters dialog box opens.

Parameterizing a TSL Statement

The Set Function Parameters dialog box varies in its appearance according to the parameters required by a particular TSL function. For example, the list_select_item function has three parameters: list item, and button. For each parameter, you define a value as described below:

  • To define a value for the list parameter, click the pointing hand. WinRunner is minimized, a help window opens, and the mouse pointer becomes a pointing hand. Click the list in your application.
  • To define a value for the item parameter, type it in the corresponding box.
  • To define a value for the button parameter, select it from the list.

Accessing TSL Statements on the Menu Bar

All TSL statements that you add to the User toolbar can also be accessed via the Insert menu.

To choose a TSL statement from a menu:

  • To paste a TSL statement, you click Insert > Paste TSL > [TSL Statement].
  • To execute a TSL statement, you click Insert > Execute TSL > [TSL Statement].
  • To parameterize a TSL statement, you click Insert > Parameterize TSL > [TSL Statement].

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