Understanding a Virtual Object’s Physical Description - WinRunner

When you create a virtual object, WinRunner adds its physical description to the GUI map. The physical description of a virtual object does not contain the label property found in the physical description of “real” GUI objects. Instead it contains a special property, virtual. Its function is to identify virtual objects, and its value is always TRUE.

Since WinRunner identifies a virtual object according to its size and its position within a window, the x, y, width, and height properties are always found in a virtual object’s physical description.

For example, the physical description of a virtual_push_button includes the following properties:

class: push_button,
virtual: TRUE,
x: 82,
y: 121,
width: 48,
height: 28,

If these properties are changed or deleted, WinRunner cannot recognize the virtual object. If you move or resize an object, you must use the wizard to create a new virtual object.

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