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The Run wizard detects changes in the GUI of your application that interfere with the test run. During a test run, the Run wizard automatically opens when WinRunner cannot locate an object. The Run wizard prompts you to point to the object in your application, determines why the object cannot be found, and then offers a solution. For example, the Run wizard may suggest loading an appropriate GUI map file. In most cases, a new description is automatically added to the GUI map or the existing description is modified. When this process is completed, the test run continues. (In future test runs, WinRunner can successfully locate the object.)

For example, suppose you run a test in which you click the Network button in an Open window in your application. This portion of your script may appear as follows:

set_window ("Open");
button_press ("Network");

If the Network button is not in the GUI map, the Run wizard opens and describes the problem.

The Run Wizard
Click the Hand button in the wizard and point to the Network button. The Run wizard suggests a solution.

The Run Wizard
When you click OK, the Network object description is automatically added to the GUI map and WinRunner resumes the test The next time you run the test, WinRunner will be able to identify the Network button.

In some cases, the Run wizard edits the test script, rather than the GUI map. For example, if WinRunner cannot locate an object because the appropriate window is inactive, the Run wizard inserts a set_window statement in the test script.

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