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When you check dates in your application, the recommended workflow is as follows:

  1. Define the date format(s) currently used in your application, for example, DD/MM/YY, as described in “Setting Date Formats” and “Using an Existing Date Format Configuration File”
  2. Create baseline tests by recording tests on your application. While recording, insert checkpoints that will check the dates in the application.
  3. Run the tests (in Debug mode) to check that they run smoothly.

    If a test incorrectly identifies non-date fields as date fields or reads a date field using the wrong date format, you can override the automatic date recognition on selected fields.

  4. Run the tests (in Update mode) to create expected results.
  5. Run the tests (in Verify mode). If you want to check how your application performs with future dates, you can age the dates before running the test.
  6. Analyze test results to pinpoint where date-related problems exist in the application.

    If you change date formats in your application, (e.g. windowing, date field expansion, or changing the date format style from European to North American or vice versa) you should repeat the workflow described above after you redefine the date formats used in your application. For information on windowing and date field expansion, see “Testing Two- Character Date Applications.” For information on date formats, see “Setting Date Formats” and “Using an Existing Date Format Configuration File”

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