Synchronizing Virtual User Transactions - WinRunner

For transactions to accurately measure server performance, they must reflect the time the server takes to respond to user requests. A human user knows that the server has completed processing a task when a visual cue, such as a message, appears. For instance, suppose you want to measure the time it takes for a database server to respond to user queries. You know that the server completed processing a database query when the answer to the query is displayed on the screen. In Vuser scripts, you instruct the Vusers to wait for a cue by inserting synchronization points.

Synchronization points tell the Vuser to wait for a specific event to occur, such as the appearance of a message in an object, and then resume script execution. If the object does not appear, the Vuser continues to wait until the object appears or a time limit expires. You can synchronize transactions by using any of WinRunner’s synchronization or object functions. For more information about WinRunner’s synchonization functions, see “Synchronizing the Test Run.”

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