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When you run a regular, interactive test, results are stored in a subfolder under the test. If Run in batch mode is selected in the Run category of the General Options dialog box, then WinRunner saves the results for each (top-level) called test separately in a subfolder under the called test. Additionally, a subfolder is also created for the batch test that contains the results of the entire batch test run, including all called tests.

For example, suppose you create three tests: Open, Setup , and Save. For each test, expected results are saved in an exp subfolder under the test folder. Suppose you also create a batch test that calls the three tests. Before running the batch test in Verify mode, you instruct WinRunner to save the results in a subfolder of the calling test called res1. When the batch test is run, it compares the current test results to the expected results saved earlier.

Under each test folder, WinRunner creates a subfolder called res1 in which it saves the verification results for the test. A res1 folder is also created under the batch test to contain the overall verification results for the entire run.

Storing Batch Test Results
If you run the batch test in Update mode in order to update expected results, WinRunner overwrites the expected results in the exp subfolder for each test and for the batch test.

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