Starting WinRunner - WinRunner

To start WinRunner:

To start WinRunner

Choose Programs > WinRunner > WinRunner on the Startmenu.

The WinRunner Record/Run Engine icon appears in the status area of the Windows taskbar. This engine establishes and maintains the connection between WinRunner and the application being tested.

The WinRunner Add-in Manager dialog box opens.

The WinRunner Add-in Manager dialog box contains a list of the add-ins available on your computer. The WinRunner installation includes the ActiveX Controls, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and WebTest add-ins.

You can also extend WinRunner’s functionality to support a large number of development environments by purchasing external WinRunner add-ins. If you install external WinRunner add-ins they are displayed in the Add-in Manager together with the core add-ins. When you install external add-ins, you must also install a special WinRunner add-in license.

The first time you open WinRunner after installing an external add-in, the Add-in Manager displays the add-in, but the check box is disabled and the add-in name is grayed. Click the Add-in License button to install the Add-in license.

Select the add-ins you want to load for the current session of WinRunner. If you do not make a change in the Add-in Manager dialog box within a certain amount of time, the window closes and the selected add-ins are automatically loaded. The progress bar displays how much time is left before the window closes.

The Welcome to WinRunner window opens. From the Welcome to WinRunner window you can click New Testto create a new test, click Open Test to open an existing test, or click Quick Preview to view an overview of WinRunner in your default browser.

To start WinRunner

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