Starting Applications from a Test Script - WinRunner

You can start an application from a WinRunner test script using the invoke_application function. For example, you can open the application being tested every time you start WinRunner by adding aninvoke_application statement to a startup test. See “Initializing Special Configurations,” for more information on startup tests.

The invoke_application function has the following syntax:

invoke_application ( file, command_option, working_dir, show );

The file designates the full path of the application to invoke. The command_option parameter designates the command line options to apply. The work_dir designates the working directory for the application and show specifies how the application’s main window appears when open.

For example, the statement:

invoke_application("c:flight4a.exe", "", "", SW_MINIMIZED);

starts the Flight Reservation application and displays it as an icon.

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