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When you design your test suite so that a single GUI map file is shared by multiple tests, you can easily keep up with changes made to the user interface of the application being tested. Instead of editing your entire suite of tests, you only have to update the relevant object descriptions in the GUI map.

Sharing a GUI Map File among Tests
For example, suppose the Open button in the Open dialog box is changed to an OK button. You do not have to edit every test script that uses this Open button. Instead, you can modify the Openbutton’s physical description in the GUI map, as shown in the example below. The value of the label property for the button is changed from Open to OK:

Open button: {class:push_button, label:OK}

During a test run, when WinRunner encounters the logical name “Open” in the Open dialog box in the test script, it searches for a push button with the label “OK”.

You can use the GUI Map Editor to modify the logical names and physical descriptions of GUI objects at any time during the testing process. In addition, you can use the Run wizard to update the GUI map during a test run. The Run wizard opens automatically if WinRunner cannot locate an object in the application while it runs a test. See “Editing the GUI Map,” for more information.

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