Setting the Search Path - WinRunner

The search path determines the directories that WinRunner will search for a called test.

To set the search path, choose Tools > General Options. The General Options dialog box opens. Click the Folders category and choose a search path in the Search path for called tests box. WinRunner searches the directories in the order in which they are listed in the box. Note that the search paths you define remain active in future testing sessions.

Setting the Search Path

  • To add a folder to the search path, type in the folder name in the text box and click the Add button.
  • Use the Up and Down buttons to position this folder in the list.
  • To delete a search path, select its name from the list and click the Delete button.

You can also set a search path by adding a setvar statement to a test script. A search path set using setvar is valid for all tests in the current session only.

For example:

setvar ("searchpath", "<c:\ui_tests>");

This statement tells WinRunner to search the c:ui_tests folder for called tests.

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