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The Notifications category contains options for sending e-mail notifications based on specified criteria.

Setting Notification Options

In addition to the options in this category, you can set additional notification options in the E-mail and Recipient subcategories.

The Notifications category contains the following options:

Notifications category

Setting E-mail Notification Options

The E-mail category contains options for specifying the mail server to use and other e-mail preferences.

Setting E-mail Notification Options

The E-mailcategory contains the following options:
E-mailcategory contains

Setting Notification Recipients Options

The Recipients category enables you to specify the recipients to receive email notifications.

Setting Notification Recipients Options

  • Click Add Recipient Icon to add a new recipient to the list.
  • Select a recipient from the list and click Remove Recipient Icon to remove the recipient from the list.
  • Select a recipient from the list and click Modify Recipient Details Icon to modify the details of a recipient in the list.

Note:Some mail servers (such as Microsoft Exchange, if configured to do so) prevent mail clients other than Microsoft Outlook from sending e-mail outside the organization. If the outgoing mail server you specified in the E-mail category has configured such a limitation, confirm that you specify only e-mail addresses with a domain name that matches your mail server’s domain name. If you specify external recipients, the WinRunner mail client sends the e-mail message to the mail server, but the mail server will not send the message to the recipients. In most cases, the mail server does not send an error message to the sender in these situations.

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