Setting Date Formats - WinRunner

WinRunner supports a wide range of date formats. Before you begin creating tests, you should specify the date formats currently used in your application. This enables WinRunner to recognize date information when you insert checkpoints into a test script and run tests.

By default, WinRunner recognizes the following date formats:


Formats dialog box, you can:

  • choose which original date formats WinRunner recognizes
  • map original date formats to new date formats

To specify date formats:

  1. Choose Tools > Date > Set Date Formats. The Set Date Formats dialog box opens.
  2. To specify date formats

  3. In the Original date formats list, select the check box next to each date format used in your application.
  4. Click Arrange to move all selected date formats to the top of the list. You can also use the Up and Down buttons to rearrange the formats.

Note that you should move the most frequently-used date format in your application to the top of the list. WinRunner considers the top date format first.

Note that you can also choose from existing date format configuration files to set the date format mapping.

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