Setting Break in Function Breakpoints - WinRunner

A Break in Function breakpoint stops test execution at the user-defined function that you specify. You set a Break in Function breakpoint from the Breakpoint Lists pane in the Debug Viewer, or the Break in Function command.

To set a Break in Function breakpoint:

  1. If you want to set a break in function breakpoint for a function that is already a part of your test, place the insertion point on the function name.
  2. Choose Debug > Break in Function. The New Breakpoint dialog box opens.
    Proceed to step 5.
  3. Alternatively, you can open the New Breakpoint dialog box from the Breakpoint Lists pane. Display the Breakpoints List as described in “Viewing the Breakpoints List in the Debug Viewer”.
  4. Click Add Entry.
  5. The New Breakpoint dialog box opens.
  6. To set a Break in Function breakpoint

    Accept the breakpoint type: In Function.

  7. By default, the Function box displays the name of the function (or text) in which the insertion point is currently located. Accept the function name or enter the name of a valid function. The function name you specify must be compiled by WinRunner. For more information, see “Creating User-Defined Functions,” and “Creating Compiled Modules.”
  8. Type a value in the Pass Count box.
  9. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the New Breakpoint dialog box. The new breakpoint is displayed in the Breakpoints List pane.

The breakpoint symbol is displayed in the left margin next to the first line of the function in the compiled module .

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