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A test set is a group of tests selected to achieve specific testing goals. For example, you can create a test set that tests the user interface of the application or the application’s performance under stress. You define test sets when working in TestDirector’s test run mode.

If WinRunner is connected to a project and you want to run tests in the project from WinRunner, specify the name of the current test set before you begin. When the test run is completed, the tests are stored in TestDirector according to the test set you specified.

To specify a test set and user name:

  1. Choose a Run command from the Test menu.
  2. The Run Test dialog box opens.

    To specify a test set and user name

  3. In the Test Set box, select a test set from the list. The list contains test sets created in TestDirector.
  4. If you are working with TestDirector 7.5 or later, and your test set contains more than one instance of the test, select the Test Instance. If you are working with an earlier version of TestDirector, the Test Instance is always 1.
  5. In the Test Run Name box, select a name for this test run, or enter a new name.
  6. To run tests in Debug mode, select the Use Debug mode check box. If this option is selected, the results of this test run are not written to the TestDirector project.

    To display the test results in WinRunner at the end of a test run, select the Display test results at end of run check box.

  7. Click OK to save the parameters and to run the test.

Running Date Operations Tests in a Test Set

If the Enable date operations option is selected (Tools > General Options > General category), you can also view and modify the Date Operations Run Mode settings from the Run Test dialog box.

Running Date Operations Tests in a Test Set

For more information on running tests to check date operations, see “Running a Test to Check Date Operations,”

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