Running a Test to Debug Your Test Script - WinRunner

When you run a test to debug your test script, WinRunner compares the current results with the expected results. Any differences are saved in the debug results folder. Each time you run the test in Debug mode, WinRunner overwrites the previous debug results.

To run a test to debug your test script:

  • If your test is not already open, choose File > Open to open the test.
  • Select Debug from the drop-down list of run modes on the Test toolbar.
  • Choose the appropriate Run or Debug menu command.

To execute the entire test, choose Test > Run from Top or click the From Top button. The test runs from the top of the test script and generates a set of debug results.

To run part of the test, choose one of the following commands or click one of the corresponding buttons:

Icon Test > Run from Arrow
est >Run Minimized > From Arrow
Icon Debug > Step
IconDebug >Step Int
Debug >Step Out
Debug >Step to Cursor

The test runs according to the command you chose, and generates a set of debug results.

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