Running a Test to Check Your Application - WinRunner

When you run a test to check the behavior of your application, WinRunner compares the current results with the expected results. You specify the folder in which to save the verification results for the test.

To run a test to check your application:

  1. If your test is not already open, choose File > Open or click the Open button to open the test.
  2. Make sure that Verify is selected from the list of run modes on the Test toolbar.
  3. Choose the appropriate Test menu command or click one of the Run buttons.
  4. The Run Test dialog box opens, displaying a default test run name for the verification results.

    To run a test to check your application

  5. You can save the test results under the default test run name. To use a different name, type in a new name or select an existing name from the list. To instruct WinRunner to display the test results automatically following the test run (the default), select the Display test results at end of run check box.
  6. Click OK. The Run Test dialog box closes and WinRunner runs the test according to the Run command you chose.

  7. Test results are saved with the test run name you specified.

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