Running a Batch Test - WinRunner

You execute a batch test in the same way that you execute a regular test. Choose a mode (Verify, Update, or Debug) from the list on the toolbar and choose Test > Run from Top. See “Understanding Test Runs,” for more information.

When you run a batch test, WinRunner opens and executes each called test. All messages are suppressed so that the tests are run without interruption. If you run the batch test in Verify mode, the current test results are compared to the expected test results saved earlier. If you are running the batch test in order to update expected results, new expected results are created in the expected results folder for each test. See “Storing Batch Test Results” below for more information. When the batch test run is completed, you can view the test results in the Test Results window.

Note that if your tests contain TSL texit statements, WinRunner interprets these statements differently for a batch test run than for a regular test run. During a regular test run, texit terminates test execution. During a batch test run, texit halts execution of the current test only and control is returned to the batch test.

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