Planning a Test - WinRunner

Plan a test carefully before you begin recording or programming. Following are some points to consider:

  • Determine the functionality you are about to test. It is better to design short, specialized tests that check specific functions of the application, than long tests that perform multiple tasks.
  • If you plan to record some or all of your test, decide which parts of your test should use the Analog recording mode and which parts should use the Context Sensitive mode. For more information, see “Creating Tests Using Context Sensitive Recording” and “Creating Tests Using Analog Recording”.
  • Decide on the types of checkpoints and synchronization points you want to use in the test. For more information, see “Adding Checkpoints to Your Test” and “Adding Synchronization Points to a Test”.
  • Determine the types of programming elements (such as loops, arrays, and user-defined functions) that you want to add to the recorded test script. For more information, see “Programming a Test”.

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