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Physical Descriptions
WinRunner identifies each GUI object in the application being tested by its physical description: a list of physical properties and their assigned values. These property:value pairs appear in the following format in the GUI map:

{property1:value1, property2:value2, property3:value3, ...}
For example, the description of the “Open” window contains two properties: class and label. In this case the class property has the value window, while the label property has the value Open:

{class:window, label:Open}

The class property indicates the object’s type. Each object belongs to a different class, according to its functionality: window, push button, list, radio button, menu, etc.

Each class has a set of default properties that WinRunner learns. For a detailed description of all properties, see “Configuring the GUI Map.”

Note that WinRunner always learns an object’s physical description in the context of the window in which it appears. This creates a unique physical description for each object. For more information, see “Setting the Window Context”.

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