Pausing a Test Run - WinRunner

You can temporarily suspend a test run by choosing the Pause command or by adding a pause statement to your test script.

Pause Command

You can suspend the running of a test by choosing Test > Pause, clicking the Pause button, or pressing the PAUSE softkey. A paused test stops running when all previously interpreted TSL statements have been executed. Unlike the Stop command, Pause does not initialize test variables and arrays.

To resume running of a paused test, choose the appropriate Run command on the Test menu. The test run continues from the point that you invoked the Pause command, or from the execution arrow if you moved it while the test was suspended.

The pause Function

When WinRunner processes a pause statement in a test script, test execution halts and a message box is displayed. If the pause statement includes an expression, the result of the expression appears in the message box. The syntax of the pause function is:

pause ( [expression ] );

In the following example, pause suspends the test run and displays the time that elapsed between two points.

pause ("Time elapsed" is & t2-t1);

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