Modifying an Exception - WinRunner

You can modify the details of an exception listed in the Web Exception Editor.

To modify the details of an exception:

  1. Choose Tools > Web Exception Handling. The Web Exception Editor opens.
  2. In the Choose an Exception list, click an exception.
  3. To modify the details of an exception

    The exception is highlighted. The current description of the exception appears in the Exception Details area.

  4. To modify the exception category, choose a type from the Type list.
  5. To modify the title of the dialog box, type a new title in the Title box.
  6. To modify the text that appears in the exception dialog box, click a text line and edit the text.
  7. To change the action that is responsible for recovering test execution, choose an action from the Action list.
    • Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_default activates the default button.
    • Web_exception_handler_fail_retry activates the default button and reloads the Web page.
    • Web_exception_enter_username_password uses the given user name and password.
  8. Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_yes activates the Yes button.
  9. Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_no activates the No button.
  10. Click Apply. The Save Configuration message box opens.
  11. Click OK to save the changes to the configuration file.
  12. Click Quit Edit to exit the Web Exception Editor.

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