Integrating the Testing Process - WinRunner

TestDirector and WinRunner work together to integrate all aspects of the testing process. In WinRunner, you can create tests and save them in your TestDirector project. After you run your test, you can view and analyze the results in TestDirector.

TestDirector stores test and defect information in a project. You can create TestDirector projects in Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase, or Microsoft SQL. These projects store information related to the current testing project, such as tests, test run results, and reported defects.

In order for WinRunner to access the project, you must connect it to the Web server where TestDirector is installed.

Integrating the Testing Process

When WinRunner is connected to TestDirector, you can save a test by associating it with the Test Plan Manager. You can schedule to run a test on local or remote hosts. Test run results are sent directly to your TestDirector project.

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