Finding an Object in Multiple GUI Map Files - WinRunner

If an object is described in more than one GUI map file, you can quickly locate all the object descriptions using the Tracebutton in the GUI Map Editor. This is particularly useful if you want WinRunner to learn a new description of an object and want to find and delete older descriptions in other GUI map files.

To find an object in multiple GUI map files:

  1. Choose ToolsGUI Map Editor to open the GUI Map Editor.
  2. Choose View GUI Files.
  3. Click File Open to open the GUI map files in which the object description might appear.
  4. Select the GUI map file you want to open and click Open for Editing Only.

  5. Display the contents of the file with the most recent description of the object by displaying the GUI map file in the GUI File box.
  6. Select the object in the Windows/Objects box.
  7. Click Expand to expand the GUI Map Editor dialog box.
  8. Click Trace.The GUI map file in which the object is found is displayed on the other side of the dialog box, and the object is highlighted.

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