Developing and Running Scenarios - WinRunner

You use the LoadRunner Controller to develop and run scenarios. The Controller is an application that runs on any network PC.

Developing and Running Scenarios
The following procedure outlines how to use the LoadRunner Controller to create, run, and analyze a scenario.

  1. Invoke the Controller.
  2. Create the scenario.
  3. A scenario describes the events that occur during each load testing session, such as the participating Vusers, the scripts they run, and the machines the Vusers use to run the scripts (load generating machines).

  4. Run the scenario.
  5. When you run the scenario, LoadRunner distributes the Vusers to their designated load generating machines. When the load generating machines are ready, they begin executing the scripts. During the scenario run, LoadRunner measures and records server performance data, and provides online network and server monitoring.

  6. Analyze server performance.

After the scenario run, you can use LoadRunner’s graphs and reports to analyze server performance data captured during the scenario run.

The rest of this chapter describes how to create GUI Vuser scripts. These scripts describe the actions of a human user accessing a server from an application running on a client PC.

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