Defining Web Exceptions - WinRunner

You can add a new exception to the list of exceptions in the Web Exception Editor.

To define a Web exception:

  1. Choose Tools > Web Exception Handling. The Web Exception Editor opens.
  2. To define a Web exception

  3. Click the pointing hand and click the dialog box. A new exception is added to the list.
  4. If you want to categorize the exception, select a category in the Type list. The Editor displays the title, MSW_Class, and message of the exception.
  5. In the Action list, choose the handler function action that is responsible for recovering test execution.
    • Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_default activates the default button.
    • Web_exception_handler_fail_retry activates the default button and reloads the Web page.
    • Web_exception_enter_username_password uses the given user name and password.
    • Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_yes activates the Yes button.
    • Web_exception_handler_dialog_click_no activates the No button.
    • Click Apply. The Save Configuration message box opens.
    • Click OK to save the changes to the configuration file.
    • Click Quit Edit to exit the Web Exception Editor

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