Creating Tests Using Analog Recording - WinRunner

Analog mode records keyboard input, mouse clicks, and the exact path traveled by your mouse. For example, if you choose the Open command from the File menu in your application, WinRunner records the movements of the mouse pointer on the screen. When WinRunner executes the test, the mouse pointer retraces the coordinates.

In your test script, the menu selection described above might look like this:

# mouse track
move_locator_track (1); # left mouse button press
mtype ("<T110><kLeft>-"); # mouse track
move_locator_track (2);
# left mouse button release
mtype ("<kLeft>+");

Use Analog mode when exact mouse movements are an integral part of the test, such as in a drawing application. Note that you can switch to and from Analog mode during a Context Sensitive recording session by selecting the appropriate many item, clicking the Record button during the record session, or using the F2 shortcut key.

To record a test using Analog mode:

  1. Position the WinRunner window and the application you are testing so that you can see both applications.
  2. Choose TestRecord – Analog. Alternatively, click the Record–Context Sensitive button to start recording in context sensitive mode, and then click the Record button again or press F2 any time during the recording session to toggle to analog mode.

    The letters Rec are displayed in red text with a white background on the Record button to indicate that an analog record session is active.

  3. Perform the necessary operations on the application you want to test using the keyboard and mouse.To stop recording, click TestStop Recording or click Stop. To switch back to context-sensitive recording mode, press F2 or click the Record toolbar button.

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