Creating Startup Tests - WinRunner

You should add the following types of statements to your startup test:

  • load statements, which load compiled modules containing user-defined functions that you frequently call from your test scripts.
  • GUI_load statements, which load one or more GUI map files. This ensures that WinRunner recognizes the GUI objects in your application when you run tests.
  • statements that configure how WinRunner records GUI objects in your application, such as set_record_attr or set_class_map.
  • an invoke_application statement, which starts the application being tested.
  • statements that enable WinRunner to generate custom record TSL functions when you perform operations on custom objects, such as add_cust_record_class.

By including the above elements in a startup test, WinRunner automatically compiles all designated functions, loads all necessary GUI map files, configures the recording of GUI objects, and loads the application being tested.

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