Copying and Moving Objects between Files - WinRunner

You can update GUI map files by copying or moving the description of GUI objects from one GUI map file to another. Note that you can only copy objects from a GUI file that you have opened for editing only, that is, from a file you have not loaded.

To copy or move objects between two GUI map files:

  1. Choose ToolsGUI Map Editor to open the GUI Map Editor.
  2. Choose View GUI Files.
  3. Click Expandin the GUI Map Editor. The dialog box expands to display two GUI map files simultaneously.
  4. To copy or move objects between two GUI map files

  5. view a different GUI map file on each side of the dialog box by selecting the file names in the GUI File lists.
  6. In one file, select the objects you want to copy or move.Use the Shift key and/or Control key to select multiple objects. To select all objects in a GUI map file, choose Edit Select All.
  7. Click Copy Move.

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