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ActiveX and Visual Basic controls may contain sub-objects, which contain their own properties. An example of a sub-object is Font. Note that Font is a sub-object because it cannot be highlighted in the application you are testing. When you load the appropriate add-in support, you can create a GUI checkpoint that checks the properties of a sub-object using the Check GUI dialog box. For information on GUI checkpoints, see “Checking GUI Objects.”

In the example below, WinRunner checks the properties of the Font subobject of an ActiveX table control. The example in the procedure below uses WinRunner with add-in support for Visual Basic and the Flights table in the sample Visual Basic Flights application.

To check the sub-objects of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control:

  1. Choose Insert > GUI Checkpoint > For Object/Window or click the GUI Checkpoint for Object/Window button on the User toolbar.
  2. Double-click the control in the application you are testing.
  3. WinRunner may take a few seconds to capture information about the control.

    The Check GUI dialog box opens.
    To check the sub-objects of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control

  4. In the Objects pane, click the Expand sign (+) beside the object to display its sub-objects, and select a sub-object to display its ActiveX control properties.

To check the sub-objects of an ActiveX or a Visual Basic control
The Objects pane displays the object and its sub-objects. In this example, the sub-objects are displayed under the “grdFlightTable” object. The Properties pane displays the properties of the sub-object that is highlighted in the Objects pane. Note that each sub-object has one or more default property checks. In this example, the properties of the Font sub-object are displayed, and the Name property of the Font sub-object is selected as a default check.

Specify which sub-objects of the table to check: first, select a sub-object in the Objects pane; next, select the properties to check in the Properties pane.

Note that since this ActiveX control is a table, by default, checks are selected on the Height, Width, and TableContent properties. If you do not want to perform these checks, clear the appropriate check boxes. For information on checking table contents, see “Checking Table Contents.”

checking table contents, see “Checking Table Contents.

  • Click OK to close the dialog box.

An obj_check_gui statement is inserted into your test script.

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