Changing to the GUI Map File per Test Mode - WinRunner

When you want to change from working in the GUI Map File per Test mode to the Global GUI Map File mode, the most complicated preparatory work is merging the GUI map files, as described earlier in this chapter.

In addition, you must also make the following changes:

  • You should modify your tests or your startup test to load the GUI map files. For information on loading GUI map files, see “Loading the GUI Map File”.
  • You must select Global GUI Map File in the GUI Files section in the General category of the General Options dialog box.

When you close WinRunner, you will be prompted to save changes made to the configuration.Click YesFor additional information on the General Options dialog box, see “Setting Global Testing Options.”

  • You should remember to save changes you make to GUI map files once you switch GUI map file modes. For additional information, see “Saving the GUI Map”.

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